Friday, 31 May 2013

#R2BC Reason's to be Cheerful - Half Term Fun

This week has been half term and there's been one big difference. My son has been away all week, holidaying with his grandparents on their canal boat. So my main Reasons to be Cheerful is that he is HOME. I've missed him so much and judging by the welcome the girls gave him, they've missed him as well. I've never seen them so pleased to see him before!

Hugging her big brother pleased to see him home

So despite missing my boy, we've had a good week. 

On Monday, which was bank holiday, the two older girls were helping out their local Brownies and Rainbow's selling cakes to raise money. Sunday my 8yr old made some chocolate brownies and my 6yr old, helped by her 3yr old sister, made some chocolate corn flake cakes. Of course, typical bank holiday weather meant that we got soaking wet walking to the shop where they were having their cake stall but they raised an amazing £250 in cake sales and raffle tickets!

Tuesday was another miserable day, so we spent the day just chilling and watching VicTORIous on TV (if you don't know what VicTORIous is check out my daughter's blog post here)

On Wednesday it was time to head to hospital for my diabetic check-up and the first of 6 hospital appointments over 3 weeks, made worse because of the 120 mile round trip and of course it takes up all day! However my first appointment was an exciting one and hubby took the day off to come with us, especially as I had to take the 3 girls with me. I had to have a growth scan to check on her size and thankfully she's average for her gestation. I did get a lovely picture of her and the lady doing the scan confirmed that she still looks like a girl, although nothing is 100% until she's born. I then went to the diabetic clinic and was warned that the next few weeks are the weeks when my sugar levels will start to climb and therefore my insulin levels were increased, although I'm still only on bedtime and teatime insulin. I'm 28wks pregnant now and it was at 29wks pregnant I discovered I had gestational diabetes with my 3yr old. Afterwards we went to Mothercare and cancelled the pram order I have with their baby plan since I was given a Quinny Zapp Xtra to review and changed the order for a Maxi Cosi car seat instead ready for the baby's arrival. 

Scan picture of my 5th at 28wks

Thursday hubby had another day off so we took the girls swimming at one of the local pools during their free swimming. It was lovely watching them and they have no fear, jumping in and splashing around. My 8yr old kept trying to go into the big pool instead of the baby pool but it was a little too deep for her and the other two were just jumping in without care. Afterwards I took my 8yr old to my parents as she had created an invitiation to the Baby Shower she is hosting me next week and my printer doesn't work so we borrowed nanny and granddad's. 

Today (Friday) it was a lovely day so I treated the girls to a chippie picnic in the square before going to the beach where they played in the sand and ate ice lollies. Then we came home and waited for the boy to come home. 

All in all a lovely week and lots of fun and I feel so blessed and lucky by my family. Although I'm still looking forward to Monday and some peace and quiet!!! It also means I get my laptop back and can get back to blogging. The problem with only one computer is that I have trouble blogging when the children are off and that's why this is my first post all week!

What about you? Do you have anything that is making you feel blessed or thankful? Why not join up with Reasons to be Cheerful this week? It's a wonderful opportunity to find the positives in your life as too often we're full of the negative! If you want to know more about R2BC have a look about why Michelle from Mummy From The Heart started #R2BC and what she believes about it. 

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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Children know more than we realise

Last night I had a conversation with my 10yr old son about when he and his sisters were born. 

It started off because of a conversation I had had with his teacher that morning. She had told me he had been telling her that he blamed himself for my miscarriage 9 years ago. That it was his fault because he had made me go to the zoo and he was the only child so he must have been naughty and that the baby was a boy and because he killed his brother that's why he only had sisters.

When I heard this my heart broke, as I realised he knew more about my miscarriage than I realised and the time had come to tell the truth. 

The comment about the zoo really got to me because my biggest secret is I fear I am to blame for the loss of the baby!

I found out I was pregnant again around his first birthday and we were all thrilled as we wanted a brother or a sister for him. At the time I was working for social services as a support worker working with adults and children with special needs in the community and one of the clients I looked after every other Saturday was a teenage boy with a mental age of a much younger child. 

I knew I was pregnant and had informed work so that changes had been made to ensure the safety of myself and my unborn child and this boy was one of the clients that I kept. One Saturday when I went to pick him up his mother suggested I took him to a nearby petting zoo and I agreed thinking it was a good idea. It was spring and whilst I knew to stay away from sheep because they carry a disease which causes a miscarriage, it never occurred to me to keep away from lambs!

About a week or so later I was walking down the main high street in the busy city centre of Chester when I was tripped up by a blind man with a stick. Now whilst I could see him coming and I tried to get out of his way, he obviously didn't realise how busy the pavement was and he was walking pretty fast. We collided and both went flying and whilst everyone rushed to his aid, no one came to me at all and I remember bursting into tears, worried I had hurt my unborn baby. My fears soon became true as a few days later I began to bleed and discovered I had lost my baby (see my miscarriage story here and here)

After my miscarriage and the D&C I received a telephone call from the hospital who said that the results had shown I had an infection but they denied that it had caused my miscarriage and I was given some antibiotics. I trusted what they said and took the medication. Two short weeks after the miscarriage I conceived my 8 year old and went on to have a trouble-free pregnancy (her delivery was something completely different read about it here and here!)

As time passed I learnt that you should stay away from lambs as well as sheep and I began to wonder about the miscarriage, the petting zoo and the infection and wondered if they were linked. Then a couple of years ago I spied something on my notes saying that the baby had died at 6 or 8 weeks pregnant, even though I was 13 weeks pregnant when I miscarried! I realised that that was the time I went to the petting zoo and this meant that I had caused my miscarriage! Something I will have to live with for the rest of my life!

So last night I sat with my son and reassured him that he was not to blame for my miscarriage. That no matter how naughty he had been, it would not have caused it and that sometimes, for no reason at all, sometimes babies died and women suffer miscarriages or stillbirth. That sometimes there was no reason at all, they just happened!

I admitted to him about the petting zoo and that it wasn't him I took. That if anyone was to blame, it wasn't him it was me! He gave me a hug and told me it wasn't my fault either and he didn't blame me!

Me and my son

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Character Online Postman Pat Vehicles Review

Today my 3yr old is sitting beside me watching Postman Pat. She's never seen it before as she usually watches something on Nick Jr or Disney Jr. Unlike my son who always watched Cbeebies!

my 3 year old Postman Pat

But why is she sitting watching Postman Pat and telling me off for singing along to the theme tune? Because she was sent a special Postman Pat vehicle from Character Options and after playing with it all morning she shouted "YES" when I asked her if she wanted to watch Postman Pat. 

Postman Pat van in the box

As a child of the 70/80s I remember watching Postman Pat as a child and I'm pleased to see that the format hasn't changed that much, the episodes are still made using the same stop-motion technology rather than CGI like everything seems to be these days, and Pat hasn't changed himself and neither has the village or the theme tune. The only difference is that, with the Special Delivery Service version it's slightly more modern with the use of helicopters and you see Pencaster as well as Greendale.

Postman Pat TV show

The Postman Pat vehicle she has been sent is his classic, bright red van, the one he drives around Greendale in to deliver all his letters and parcels. The van comes with two parcels which fit in the back of the van with opening doors and a Pat himself who also fits behind the steering wheel to drive the van. It's just a shame it doesn't come with Jess the cat as well as it's strange to see Pat driving around without Jess!

Parcels in the back of the van

Pat beside his van

Front view Pat in his van

Side view Pat in his van

other side view Pat in van

The classic Royal Mail van can be used on it's own, or can be added to the rest of Postman Pat's vehicles, accessories and buildings which also include a road and rail tracks to build your own Greendale!

My 3 year old daughter is loving the van, made even more special by the accessories and that the doors open and close and that Pat can be used inside the van or out! She's spent all morning playing with it and I know if I show her the rest of the Postman Pat vehicles she'll want more of them!

My 3yr old playing with Pat and his van

My 3yr old playing with Pat and his van

My 3yr old playing with Pat and his van

My 3yr old playing with Pat and his van

It's also a great way to introduce a show that I enjoyed as a child to my daughter. In fact one of the best things about becoming a parent is rediscovering old, beloved movies and TV shows that I remember as a child!

My 3yr old playing with Pat and his van

My 3yr old playing with Pat and his van

My 3yr old playing with Pat and his van

we were sent a Classic Postman Pat Vehicle from Character Online for free on the understanding I would write an honest review of what we thought about it. I received no payment and the review is my own honest and unbiased opinion of the product and I retain full editorial control and integrity. 

My Poor Boy :( What did daddy DO to your hair!!!

Last night hubby decided my 10 year old boy's hair was too long and decided he would cut it using his own hair clippers. Hubby is bald and is forever shaving the side tufts of hair off his own head and decided he would be ok doing his son's hair on a number 4. 

Sadly things didn't go to plan and whilst cutting his hair the clippers broke and took a chunk of his hair from the back, right down to his scalp. It wasn't just a small chunk either but he had a shaved patch. 

It would have been crueller to leave him with a chunk of hair missing, so his dad had no choice but to shave all his hair off. 

My poor son was so upset, but I've told him that "Hair Grows" and before he knows it his head will be covered in hair again!

I spent the morning encouraging him that he looked ok and that it was a good look for him, but I'm not sure he believes me! I did have a word with his teacher though as he tried to wear a hat to school!

Monday, 20 May 2013

#R2BC Fun Filled Weekend

This weekend I'm feeling very blessed. My pregnancy is progressing well and the baby is getting more active. In fact yesterday the girls all got to feel her move and last night my 3yr old fell asleep leaning against me so the baby was kicking the hell out of my side where my 3yr old was! Of course having to visit the hospital every 2wks and test my sugars daily can be a bit of a chore, not to mention having to inject myself with insulin twice a day, but I know it'll be worth it in the end when I have a healthy baby! I have an extra scan next week, a growth scan as I'm already measuring 30wks at 26wks, but then I don't have small babies so it's no surprise! My smallest baby was my eldest at 8lb 13oz and my 2nd was biggest at 10lb 14oz and that was without diabetes. My 4th is the only one I had gestational diabetes with and she weighed 8lb 15oz at 38wks as I was induced early. 

My daughter makes friend with a giant giraffe
Nanny and girls relaxing in giant baby bouncer

On Friday I was lucky enough to be given free tickets to the Baby Show at the NEC in Birmingham and I took my mum, 8yr old daughter and 3yr old daughter with me. We had a lovely time, although mum and I got separated when it was time to leave. She went to the toilet and I waited for her by the exit but somehow she passed me without me seeing her and went to the train station. After a while I realised I must have missed her and went to the train station but the lifts were out of order and with 2 prams, and 2 daughters there was no way I could risk using the escalators so we had to wait for the replacement bus service, which meant that we missed my mum again when she walked back to the Baby Show. I didn't have her mobile number so in the end I phoned my dad and asked him to ring her and tell her we were waiting at the train station and eventually we met up again. Unfortunately this meant we missed the train we had planned to catch home and meant we had another 2hr wait for the next one. Not to mention the 4hr journey and the 1/2 hour wait whilst we changed trains in Machynlleth. Despite the long journey and my 8yr old getting upset when we were separated from nanny, we had a lovely day and I want to go again in October, this time with my new baby!

My 3yr old in a Quinny Zapp Xtra

We have been given a Quinny Zapp Xtra buggy to review in the unique Kenson design (named after the Belgian designer who came up with it). My 3yr old looked very comfortable sitting in it as we walked around the baby show and once I've bought a Maxi Cosi car seat and a newborn inlay, the pram will be suitible for the baby when she arrives in August. Of course the hard part is teaching my 3yr old it isn't her buggy!

I also received a letter on Friday to say that my 3yr old has been offered a place in the nursery class of our local school (which is also the one her older brother and sisters attend) and that she can start mornings only in September.

swinging on a tyre swing

On Saturday we took the kids to a nearby park for them to play and burn off some energy. My 3yr old wasn't feeling very well so she was sleeping in the car whilst everyone else was playing and it was nice to have a Saturday off work. I needed it after my long day at the Baby Show the day before! We then had a picnic tea sitting in the lounge (usually all meals are eaten at the table in the kitchen) so we could enjoy the series finale of Doctor Who (which I really enjoyed, apart from the one spoiler I had seen which did spoil the cliff hanger ending). In fact it was the best episode this series, which doesn't mean much as haven't enjoyed this series as much as previous series'. My favourite series finale is still the end of series 4, when the 10th Doctor is reuinited with all his companions and their friends from the two spin-off shows Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures to save the Earth from the Daleks. 
Looking for skimming stones
Skimming stones

Sunday it was a nice day so hubby packed us a picnic lunch and we went about 10 miles away for a walk along the river and a chance for the children to have a go at skimming stones (part of my 50 things to do before you're 11 3/4 years old with the National Trust Wales). We then walked a little way along the river before heading into town for an ice-cream. It was also a nice way to remind us what a beautiful area we live in, something that you do take for granted sometimes. 

My family with Cader Idris in the background
My family with Cader Idris in the background
All in all it was a wonderful weekend and I feel so blessed by my family. 

What about you? Do you have anything that is making you feel blessed or thankful? Why not join up with Reasons to be Cheerful this week? It's a wonderful opportunity to find the positives in your life as too often we're full of the negative! If you want to know more about R2BC have a look about why Michelle from Mummy From The Heart started #R2BC and what she believes about it. 

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Sunday, 19 May 2013

The NEC #BabyShow

I was lucky enough to be offered tickets to attend the Baby Show at the NEC Birmingham and took with me my mum and two of my daughters aged 8 and 3. We arrived at the NEC at around 11am after arriving by train. The NEC was really close to the NEC with walkways connecting it to Birmingham International train station, although be prepared to queue for the lifts if you are taking a pram. We found it was easier to get my 3yr old out of the pram so we could then go down the escalators and avoid having to queue for the lift. My 8yr old loved the moving walkway and shouted happily "Look how fast I'm walking! I'm beating everyone!"

Baby Show Logo

We arrived at the NEC and we were given the opportunity to test a limited edition Quinny Zapp Xtra pushchair (more on that to come) and left our old buggy at the press office where we also received press wristbands. Mum said she'd never been a member of press before and felt very important! The lady we met was lovely and she took us straight to the Maxi Cosi/Quinny stand where we met another lovely lady who showed us all about the Quinny Zapp and the Kenson design. I was glad we had a pushchair as it made it a lot easier and safer to contain my 3yr old, rather than worry about her running off or getting lost. She also sat comfortably in the pram and even fell asleep in it!

My 3yr old in a Quinny Zapp Xtra Kenson

The first place we visited was the Little Tykes stay and play area to allow the girls to burn off some energy after the long train journey. Nanny stayed with them whilst I popped over to meet 2011 Apprentice winner Tom Pellereau for an exclusive look at his new product (which I cannot talk about yet). Tom was really lovely and I look forward to telling you all about his new product.

Tom Pellereau

Afterwards we had a walk around looking at all the stalls. Nanny and the girls even got to try out a massive Fisher Price baby bouncer, which looked so comfortable!

My mum and daughters relaxing in a giant baby bouncer

I met some lovely ladies at Mum Kind who gave me some of their new pregnancy products to try whilst nanny and the girls watched the Fisher Price Love to Play puppy and sis on the main stage. 

On the stage Fisher Price puppy and sis

Watching Puppy and Sis

There was so much to see and do, I was glad I had printed out a list of all the stalls which had competitions or special offers I was interested in so I could visit them all. There was products I had heard about and enjoyed being able to study them in greater detail or to ask questions about, and there was new products I hadn't heard about before but wonder now how I survived without them. 

The star of the show has to be my 8yr old as she was offered a job at at least two different stalls and persuaded me to part with some money and buy a Cuddledry apron/towel by reminding me how much I hate ending up soaking wet when I bath the girls! 

Cuddle Dry Apron Towel in packaging

I must admit I didn't buy much and actually surprised hubby by coming home with money, but that was because I was scared if I started spending I wouldn't stop as there was so many things I wanted! Also because the baby isn't here yet and because I'm not 100% certain that she is a girl, I didn't want to buy anything pink or personalised in case she was a boy! 

I would love to go again, this time with the baby in tow and I can guarantee hubby I will not be coming home with any money, especially as there was so many beautiful items and clothes on offer including personalised ones!

But there was more than just stalls selling their wares, there was also lots of information and on the main stage they had;

Prof Robert Winston

Prof Robert Winston offering advice

One of the most well known professor and BBC presenter, he was on The Baby Show Stage with MadeForMums providing tips and advice on baby development and offering his invaluable experience to new and expecting parents. 

Annabel Karmel

Nutrition expert Annabel Karmel gave advice on weaning

The well known children's nutritional expert (I mean who hasn't heard of her or her book) and author of "The Complete Baby & Toddler Mealplanner" was on hand to give advice on nutrition and weaning as well as sharing some of her great recipes

Jo Tantum

sleep expert Jo Tantum gave advice

One of the UK's leading Sleep Experts, Jo has lots of experience in helping parents organise sleep patters or who are already battling sleep demons. Full of useful tips she gained working in nurseries, baby units and as a maternity nurse over the past 25 years to help make night time that little bit easier. 

Clare Byam-Cook
Breatfeeding expert Clare Byam-Cook gave advice

Former midwife and celebrity breastfeeding expert, Clare was on the stage to discuss common breastfeeding issues and techniques and what you can do if you can't breastfeed. Valuable advice for expectant parents who are planning to breastfeed as almost all breastfeeding problems are caused by incorrect latching of the baby to the breast. 

The Natal Company Team

The Natal Company also offered special classes designed to help expectant parents cope with the demands of becoming a parent for the first time. 

mum-to-be pampering at the Baby Show

One of the places I was tempted to go, but didn't because of the queue and didn't get chance to go back to was the Fisher Price Mum-to-be pampering area. My suggestion would be to pop there first and book your time slot and then head over to the crèche to book your little one in (if you have one) so you can enjoy the pampering without worry! The crèche also requires booking if you just want to use that. There was other play areas for little ones to enjoy as well, but they required you to stay with them. 

Feeding area at the Baby Show

Facilities wise there was a lot on offer. A cafe and bar was hidden at the back, as well as the Joie cafe and, much to my daughters delight, an ice-cream kiosk and a pick-n-mix sweets one. As well as feeding areas for the little ones and a baby changing area. Another handy place to visit is the Emma's Diary Shop & Drop area, where you can leave all your purchases, especially the big bulky ones, to pick up later by car. If you do have a little one with you, don't forget to visit the Baby Show Star's Competition where you can have their picture taken and you get to take home a 6x4 colour image for free. The winning child's picture will be used as part of the advertising for the 2014 Baby Show, 3 photo sessions for you and your little one to enjoy and a 1 year modelling contract with Truly Scrumptious.

As for prams, I had never seen so many prams under one roof, and so many brands as well. What I especially liked was that you were able to try the pram and examine it as much as you liked and the staff were very knowledgeable and helpful about their products. I remember when I bought my 3yr old's first pram I thought I had found the perfect pram, a pramette which folded quite small and seemed to have everything I wanted and was looking for. Sadly I wasn't able to try the pram before I bought it and it wasn't until I started using it did I realise it had one major flaw. The 5 point harness was a nightmare to fasten, as you had to fasten each one of the straps (including the shoulder straps) individually! Had I been to the Baby Show back then, I would have examined the pram and discovered the fault and been able to choose a better more suitable one. I also liked the fact that everything was on special offer with a discount just for the Baby Show. 

All in all it was a fabulous day out and now I'm wondering if I can persuade hubby to let me go to the next one in Olympia Kensington on the 25th-27th October 2013, especially as the baby will be here then and I'll be able to buy some fabulous things for her ready for Christmas!

#SilentSunday #BabyShow

Monday, 13 May 2013

#SpecialK30 How I've Changed in 30 years

As part of the #SpecialK30 with BritMums we were asked to think back 30 years ago, back when the Special K cereal was released. What were we like in 1983 and what are we like today. What has changed and what has stayed the same?

For me 1983 was a very big year and it involved a massive change in my life!

I was 6 years old and living in Burnley in Lancashire with my mum, dad and older brother. We lived in a bungalow with a large front and back garden, I went to a nearby school and I had a best friend who lived nearby. She lived so close that our gardens practically backed on to each other which made for a fantastic short-cut to her house. I'm also pleased to say that we have recently reconnected via Facebook after 30 years.

I was a happy child who enjoyed school. My grandparents lived nearby and I remember that every Saturday was spent the same. Mum and I would travel into town by bus and meet my Nana. After we had finished shopping I would go back to my Nana's house for lunch before arriving home in time to see the horse coming along our road pulling a grocery cart and mum would always let me buy an extra apple to feed to the horse. Life was idyllic and I had no idea of the big changes that was just around the corner!!! 

That year my dad received some bad news. He was being made redundant from the factory he was working at and my parents had to make some serious decisions about the future. I was 6 and my brother was 10. My brother was also suffering at school and no one would tell my parents what was wrong with him. There was even talk about putting in a home, talk that my mum and dad strongly disagreed with as they didn't think there was anything seriously wrong with him, he just needed some extra help in school but the authority and the school seemed unwilling to give him the extra help. 

My dad just had one requirement. If they moved he wanted to move somewhere we he could keep his yacht. The yacht he had built himself (and almost caused them to divorce several times!). He had begun building it the year I was born and finished it 4 years later, yet they only got to use it a few times a year on Lake Windermere in the Lake District.

Being only 6 at the time, I didn't really have much of a say about what was going on, all I knew was that we were moving away and in June 1983 we did. I remember tearfully saying goodbye to all my friends, especially my best friend, sad but a little excited about the future. All I really knew is that we were moving to the beach!

I'd just broken up from school for the summer in Lancashire as we moved 137 miles south to North Wales.

In the backyard of my new house in Wales

Moving to Wales was very strange. For one thing their school hadn't broken up for summer yet, so for many years I actually believed I had missed my summer holidays that year! The biggest challenge was learning a new language! The primary school in Wales is taught through the medium of Welsh and I was told on my very first day at school that I couldn't go to the bathroom unless I asked in Welsh. Which was very hard when it was only my 2nd day in Wales and no one had told me how to say it. I also had the problem that I spoke like an extra on Coronation Street with my very strong Lancashire accent. 

I found it hard to settle into my new school and make new friends. I was missing my old friends and struggling to learn a new language, not to mention I suddenly became shy and hated speaking in case someone made fun of my accent. My brother found it even harder than I was, he had already been struggling at school and now he had a different language thrown at him! The only good news was that my mum had finally been given a diagnosis for his problems at school, in fact the woman who told her said that she could only tell her because we were moving. So what was this problem that had had them wanting to put my brother in a special home??? He was dyslexic! That was all, he just struggled to read because he saw things the wrong way round, something that thousands of children are diagnosed with each year and yet go on to have fulfilling lives and jobs, there's even quite a lot of famous actors and actresses who suffer from dyslexia yet manage, with help, to learn all their lines!

Slowly we both grew and adapted and made new friends. Although my brother never mastered the Welsh language I quickly picked it up and when I left primary school 5 years later I was as fluent as someone who had been speaking it all their life (although sadly as my secondary school wasn't as Welsh I lost most of my Welsh and I now struggle to have a simple conversation and help my children with their homework) of course my Lancashire accent I got rid of as soon as I can, but I fought against getting a Welsh one for many years. 

At a recent meal out for my friends birthday

Now 30 years later I look back on how I've changed! Well for one, I'm 30 years older, my boobs have gotten bigger, I've gotten a bit fatter and I feel like I have more grey hairs than brown! I'm also married and a mum of 4, soon to be 5, wonderful children. I've grown to love and accept the town I moved to and now consider it my hometown and I love how close we are as a community! No way could I move back to Burnley, something I spent many unhappy years wishing. I am a lot happier here than I ever could be there, and I also know that my children will have a safer and healthier upbringing here with all the fresh air! 

The only things that hasn't changed, is that I still have long hair, I'm still painfully shy (which sadly I seem to have passed on to my daughters) and I live in the same property, the same flat, that we moved to 30 years ago. The only difference is I'm raising my own family now in the flat whilst my brother lives in Norfolk with his family and my parents live in another bungalow 5 miles away!

*** This post is my entry into the BritMums/Special K "How I've changed" linky challenge celebrating the release of the new Special K cereal which now contains three grains (previously there was only two) of rice, wheat and barley. It is also made with wholegrain for a source of fibre as well as 8 vitamins and minerals. it gives health-concious and weight-watching women a tastier healthier breakfast. I tried the new cereal and found it a lot more tastier than the original, in fact I have to fight my daughter for the box at breakfast time as they enjoy it as well! ***

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Potty Training Update and Pourty Flexi-Fit Toilet Trainer Review

Last time I mentioned the dreaded phrase "Potty Training" it was to say how much trouble we were having potty training my youngest and my 4th. Problems that I have never had with any of my others who quickly took to potty training. You can see the post here

After reading the post we were offered a Pourty Flexi-Fit Toilet Trainer in hopes that it would help my daughter with her potty training. 

Pourty Flexi-fit toilet seat

And I am very pleased to say it did!

My daughter is now almost completely dry during the day, and has been for a month now. She goes everywhere, even on long days out as I attend my fortnightly hospital appointments at the diabetic clinic over 60 miles away as my pregnancy progresses, without an accident. She also happily goes to playschool and uses their toilet and wears big girl panties.

Proud girl using her flexi-fit

I wish I could say we were 100% over the hurdle but she still wears nappies for bed and wakes up with them soaking and the biggest problem we are having is that she will not poop in the potty and will hold it all day until she has her nappy on at bedtime to poop. 

We're trying not to make a big deal out of it as we don't want to make her constipated and unable/unwilling to poop but hope that she will realise that pooping should be done in the toilet or potty and not in her nappy or pants. She has done an occasional poop in the toilet so of course we gave her lots of praise for doing so (much to my older children's disgust as they don't get praise for going to the toilet!)

The Flexi-Fit Toilet Trainer made it a lot easier for her to potty train as she enjoyed being able to use the toilet like everyone else, safely and securely without worrying falling in and feeling like a big kid!

Unlike most traditional toilet seats, the Flexi-Fit has a unique squeeze flex action and adjestable prongs so that it fits securely onto the toilet seat. This is very handy and important because adult toilets come in many shapes and sizes and traditional toilet seats don't have this adjustment and can wobble around and make the child feel uncomfortable and insecure. 

adjustable prongs for a great secure fit

The Flexi-fit's clever design allows you to adjust it once for each toilet for a great wobble free fit and is quick and easy to squeeze on and off the toilet when necessary. 

My daughter loves her Flexi-Fit seat and our home toilet is now the only toilet she will use confidently and on her own, any other toilet and she wants to hold your hand so that she feels safe and secure and doesn't have to worry about falling in (which is a big fear for a toddler!). It's also given her the independence to visit the toilet as and when she needs to go without having to stand there doing the "wee wee dance" whilst waiting for you to notice, hear or finish doing what you're doing. 

Awaiting my big girl, the flexi-fit on the toilet

She now prefers to use the toilet instead of her potty because she wants to be a "Big Girl" like her older sisters. 

Now we just have to work on the pooping issue and we'll be sorted ready for her to start nursery class in school in September, but my health visitor said not to worry about it yet on her preschool check-up. 

Pourty's goal is to design and develop quality products which make every day life easier for parents and children and are good value for money. They began with the Pourty Easy to Pour Potty chair and have now launched the Flexi-Fit Toilet Trainer. You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter and You Tube

We were sent a Pourty Flexi-Fit Toilet Trainer for free on the understanding I would write an honest review of what I thought about the product. I received no payment and the review is my own honest and unbiased opinion of it and I retain full editorial control and integrity.